What We Do

Tripple Consulting is a boutique management consultancy, providing services to the Financial Services industry, with extensive experience of banking projects. We strongly believe in ‘Making Banking Better’ and this is reflected in the work that we undertake.

As shown in the above diagram, our area of specialism lies in the intersection between Information Technology, Change and Banking, which is where many of our projects are focused. Our services play a vital role in many successful projects, both large and small. We believe that we add real value to the projects that we support because we are able to understand complex issues and then explain these issues to business users. To read more about our recent client work, please see Projects. We are a small team who aim to work very closely with our clients, offering excellent relationship management and unparalleled flexibility to suit our clients’ needs. Our Consultants have a range of levels of experience, from Senior Consultant to Graduate, deployed to best meet our clients’ requirements. For more information, please visit Our Team page.

Business Specialisations

Core Banking

Product and customer accounting processes that underpin all banking

Corporate Banking Processes

Bank Systems Architecture, Business Operating Models

Money Laundering Prevention/Sanctions and Terrorism

The IT and business implications of Banks’ ‘KYC’ processes.

Payments Systems

With an emphasis on BACS, CHAPS, Cheque Clearing and SEPA

Regulatory Initiatives

Bank divestment Programmes; Recovery & Resolution Planning (RRP); Independent Commission on Banking (ICB)

New Software Providers

Data Presentation Tools (e.g. Erudine)


‘How Banks Work’ is our online blog, where we regularly publish articles discussing the latest in the UK financial services sector


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