Tripple Consulting believes that working with the charity sector is a great way to  help both the community and staff development. In addition to providing financial donations to charities such as UNICEF and the Red Cross, Tripple has dedicated time and resources  in order to help various charity and ‘not-for-profit’ organisations. Here are some examples of the work we have done:

Woodland Trust

In terms of our own Social Responsibility, Tripple tries to be ecologically friendly wherever possible. Each year we calculate our combined carbon footprint and offset this with a contribution to the Woodland Trust.


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The Fredericks Foundation is a Responsible Finance Provider that provides loans to people who want to set up a new business or maintain or expand an existing business. Fredericks is open to anyone who has a viable business proposition but cannot obtain mainstream finance. Their aim is to alleviate poverty by providing microfinance to enable people to achieve the dignity and self-respect of supporting themselves through enterprise;  To work with partners and volunteers to promote and support self-employment and reinforce local communities through business. Creating a support network for their clients beyond the initial loan.
Through a BeyondMe partnership, Tripple is currently supporting Fredericks in launching a community engagement platform.


Social Investment Scotland (SIS) is an Edinburgh-based community development financial institution (CDFI) that was established in 2001 to provide affordable loans to third sector organisations, social enterprises, charities and community groups. SIS has enlisted the help of Tripple Consulting to carry out the following tasks:

·       Help identify, design and analyse potential CRM solutions
·       Gather Business Requirements
·       Undertake Current and Future State Systems Architecture Analyses
·       Construct an Options Analysis paper
·       Assist with the Request for Proposal and Vendor Demonstration process


Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is a charity with a unique purpose: to do all in its power to ensure that charitable giving to all charities is as robust and effective as it can possibly be. They raise the profile of giving; lobby for tax breaks and provide an increasingly broad suite of services to charities and their supporters.

  • The CAF has an area called Fund Raising Support which provides a “back office” service for Charities to smooth fundraising. Tripple Consulting’s role in this project was to provide six weeks of junior consultancy to help advise CAF on the best IT package to replace its IT platform and thus improve its IT support quality
  • Subsequent to the IT package having been chosen by the CAF, Tripple was asked to assist the project team in the Implementation stage of the project. A junior consultant was assigned over two months to produce Implementation Documents and in particular an Implementation Plan. Tripple was also vital in manufacturing agreement among key stakeholders regarding the Implementation approach and building confidence in the Plan.

Fair Finance is a London-based social business offering a range of products and services designed to meet the needs of people who are financially excluded. Tripple  Consulting helped Fair Finance improve their existing CRM system in order to enable better analysis of customer data, to improve the efficiency of internal processes, inform future decision-making in areas of geographic expansion and marketing, as well as to retrospectively analyse the success of certain products and strategic decisions.

Tripple Consulting sponsors employees to take part in the BeyondMe partnership. BeyondMe is a charitable organisation that pairs professionals who want to give back to the community to a charity requiring their professional skills. We currently have 3 of our management consultants doing pro-bono work through the BeyondMe scheme in an external cross-business team.



THEBP is a charity that supports the education, training and development of young people by forming mutually beneficial partnerships between businesses and schools. THEBP offers a range of projects designed to raise achievement and provide pupils with opportunities to improve their work-related skills. Tripple Consulting has long held a close relationship with THEBP, providing support via numerous projects, including:

  • Requirements Definition for new website and solicitation of tenders from a number of web developers
  • Creating five workbooks introducing Word, PowerPoint, Paint, Excel and the Internet for students. A webpage was also created to allow easy access to the material.
  • Attending various two-day courses to help give teenagers advice for their future career. Learn more about the “Getting Ahead” programme
  • Producing a ‘Toolkit’ listing contact details and suggested promotional activities to guide THEBP members during their recruitment process for Volunteers.
  • Creating a simple resource for teachers, volunteers and pupils in the form of a practical template Business Plan to be used in class, at events or during activities, or which students may print for themselves, all in order to increase students’ awareness and understanding of business and “enterprise”

Tripple Consulting is a member of Heart of the City.  An organisation that helps support businesses in setting up their responsible business activities, connecting them with leading experts in the Corporate Social Responsibility space. With Heart of the City’s support, Tripple Consulting have managed to move forward in their aspirations of giving back to the community.