Student Work

In the summer Tripple Consulting provides an opportunity for students to work at the company. This allows students to experience work in an office environment and introduce them to the world of consultancy.

Here is what some of the students had to say about working at Tripple

I am currently a student at the university of Manchester, studying Classics and am going into my final year. I took part in the 2017 summer consulting management scheme at Tripple. My time at Tripple provided me with excellent work experience in banking, charities and consulting management. During this period, I par took in a myriad of tasks whilst also conducting research for different sectors of the company and then presenting reports back to the company team at company meetings. What separates Tripple from its larger counter parts is that this scheme allowed me to work independently and professionally with the ability to make real change whilst also tackling challenging tasks.


I’ve been working at Tripple as a Summer Student for the past three years. Through this work, I’ve been able to gain an insight into the way the business is run, as well as assist on a number of smaller projects which were given to the Summer Students to complete. This active engagement in Tripple was helpful for me when I applied for university last year, as it gave me experience of working in a team, and practically solving problems.


I started doing summer work at Tripple in 2014 and have done so every year since. During this time I have been involved in a number of projects from taking part in the re branding of the company to editing the website as well as many other projects. This work has been a valuable experience for me as it has allowed me to experience consultancy work and help develops vital skills such as problem solving.  It has also allowed me to both work in a team environment as well as working independently.


I am currently a student at the University of Manchester, studying International Management, in the summer of my 2nd year. I worked at Tripple in the summer of 2017, as part of their student summer work scheme. Over the summer, I helped Tripple to complete some extra in-house projects lead by the main employees of Tripple. One of the tasks included helping Tripple search for and sign up to new business phone contracts, in which I had to look at how much data each individual within Tripple was using and whether the company needed to continue their current phone contract or sign a new one. I also had to complete a risk assessment, in which I had to interview each head of function to find out the main risks and how the company is currently mitigating them. These were discussed in order to figure out whether the company needs to take any measures to reduce and mitigate any further risks. I also had to create a survey to send out to former employees of Tripple to find out information on why they left Tripple and what Tripple could improve on in the future. This was a short questionnaire built in Microsoft forms. Overall, it was a great experience that I am happy to have had the opportunity to take part in to gain some valuable experience and have an insight into Tripple consulting.