Working for Tripple

At Tripple, our motto is “Making Banking Better” – an interest in Banking is, therefore, a pre-requisite! Joining us, you will gain consulting skills and knowledge in the intersection between IT and Management in Banking.

Venn 2 This covers a wide variety of projects in banking since there are a lot of technological developments and regulatory initiatives in the industry, which drive a number of change projects in banks each year.

Why working for Tripple Consulting is different to other consultancies

The most striking feature of the Company is that it is tiny. This is highly important in a number of respects:

  • You get more “air time” with the partner level (as opposed to being given your coaching by last year’s graduate).
  • You get a broader picture and more responsibility than with a large firm.
  • There is no career ladder in terms of X years to Consultant, Y years to senior consultant, Z years to Manager etc.

There are other small firms of consultants for whom many of the above points will be true as well, however, we believe that at Tripple we show an unparalleled interest in the coaching and personal development side (simply because other companies’ bosses don’t enjoy it as much as the MD of Tripple).

If you would like to know more about joining our team, please feel free to Contact Us